Case Studies + Project Profiles

Project Profiles

Project: Bridge View Elementary School
Type: Education
Location: St Paul, MN
Product: (6) Solatube SolaMaster 750 DS-O units
Notes: Replaced 15 tubular daylighting units (not Solatube brand) due to water leaking issues. Quantity reduced due to better light output from the Solatube system.

Project: Bald Eagle Lake Park
Type: Parks
Location: White Bear Lake, MN
Product: (10) Solatube Brigthen Up Series 290 DS units w/LED light kits
Notes: Replacing standard lights with Solatubes w/LED light kits in restrooms and maintenance room at Bald Eagle Lake Park.

Project: Building 641- Fort Snelling – Minnesota National Guard
Type: Government/Military
Location: St Paul, MN
Product: (6) SkyVault Series M74 units w/collectors
Contractor: Hamline Construction
Architect: Gregory Hulne – Miller Dunwiddie Architecture Firm
Notes: Replacing existing skylights in warehouse area with M74 units with collectors.