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 Daylight Specialists is an authorized distributor and installer of AES Sunoptics®, the inventor of the prismatic skylight. 

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Daylight Specialists is an authorized distributor and installer of AES Sunoptics, the originator and inventor of the prismatic skylight. 

For more than four decades, AES Sunoptics has been a pioneer of daylighting technologies, designing and manufacturing skylights for commercial applications. The patented Signature Series Prismatic Skylights and Smoke Vents by AES Sunoptics are utilized worldwide in large-scale retail outlets, warehouses, and distribution centers as wireless light fixtures. These fixtures offer a high degree of visible light transmission and 100% diffusion, making it possible for building owners and operators to use daylight as the primary source of illumination for more hours every year. This presents an excellent opportunity for energy efficiency and a productive working environment, benefiting people worldwide while also helping organizations achieve their sustainability targets through passive solar performance.

AES Sunoptics is a leader in industrial technology. AES Sunoptics products create healthier, happier, more environmentally sustainable commercial spaces, and is the only skylight manufacturer that extrudes its own plastic, controlling the light transmission capability and assuring the highest quality product. Additionally, all products are manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

AES SunOptics® Distributors + Installers

The AES Sunoptics Signature Series Skylights and Smoke Vents are specially designed capture the highest possible amount of reflected light and direct it towards the building’s interior. This process, known as Prismatic Daylighting, is a form of passive solar energy that can serve as the most efficient and effective lighting source for many types of buildings when complemented by photo controls for electric lighting. Allowing natural sunlight to enter through high-performance prismatic skylights can enhance occupant well-being and workplace productivity. So, let the sunshine in!

 The Signature™ Series Skylights are the best skylights on the market at capturing low-light levels due to their patented dome-shaped design. The product provides glare-free full spectrum natural light, free of UV-damage.

Authorized AES Sunoptics® Distributors + Installers

As an authorized distributor and installer of AES Sunoptics, the team at Daylight Specialists can help you determine which products align with your project vision. Serving the Midwest since 2009, our team of design, installation, and product sales specialists is ready to answer your questions, provide feedback and ideas, and cost calculations. Experience the benefits of bringing more daylight into your life and work by calling Daylight Specialists today.

Choosing The Right Commercial Skylight for Your Project 

Choosing The Right Commercial Skylight for Your Project 

In commercial construction and design, the integration of natural daylight is not just an aesthetic choice but a strategic one. It influences energy efficiency, occupant productivity, and overall well-being. Selecting the right commercial skylight product is crucial...