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Daylighting Helps Your Bottom Line

Businesses spend more than 85% of workplace expenses on salaries and associated benefits. Considering the magnitude of this expense, business owners can only benefit from investing in workers who are healthier, happier, and more productive on the job. According to multiple scientific studies, bringing natural daylight into the office accomplishes that goal beautifully.

Benefits of Daylight

When workers are exposed to sufficient daylight during the workday, studies have proven:


  • Productivity increases by 18%
  • Mental function and memory improves by 10-25%
  • Call center performance improves by up to 12%

Daylight Improves Health

In addition to productivity increases, exposure to daylight supports the health and overall wellbeing of workers by providing a boost to the immune system, reducing stress, and increasing the overall sense of calm and positive mood. A happier and healthier employee is less likely to become ill and suffer from “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) – a term coined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. People with SBS show symptoms of illness and discomfort that increase when workers are in the building and decrease when they leave.

The World Health Organization concluded that as many as 30% of buildings across the globe may have factors that contribute to SBS. By reducing SBS and increasing productivity, U.S. businesses can save up to 30 billion annually. This is no small upside for business owners, and installing green technologies – such as daylighting – also results in reduced energy expenses.

Investing in your people is an investment in your business, and your employees are likely to take notice. Fostering a workplace that cares about its workers increases retention and employee satisfaction.

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Businesses and offices with natural daylighting have happier, healthier, more productive workers. This has been scientifically proven. As a result, the demand for green buildings is skyrocketing, along with rent and real estate values for these structures. If you want to learn more about how beautiful, affordable daylighting can improve your workspace and increase your bottom line, call Daylight Specialists today for a consultation on site or at our showroom.

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