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Daylighting Helps Your Bottom Line

Businesses spend more than 85% of workplace expenses on salaries and associated benefits. Considering the magnitude of this expense, business owners can only benefit from investing in workers who are healthier, happier, and more productive on the job. According to multiple scientific studies, bringing natural daylight into the office accomplishes that goal beautifully.

Benefits of Daylight

When workers are exposed to sufficient daylight during the workday, studies have proven:


  • Productivity increases by 18%
  • Mental function and memory improves by 10-25%
  • Call center performance improves by up to 12%

Fostering Productivity and Well-Being

Natural light is more than a “nice-to-have” for any workspace. It has been scientifically proven to enhance productivity, elevate mood, and improve overall well-being. With our innovative daylighting solutions, we harness the brilliance of the sun to infuse your office with a radiant luminosity. The result? A workspace that is inherently inviting, vibrant, and comfortable.

A Strategic Investment

The upfront investment in daylighting solutions proves to be a wise decision when considering the long-term advantages. While it’s true that by minimizing dependence on artificial lighting, substantial energy savings are achieved, directly influencing your financial bottom line. However, the financial gains extend beyond mere energy savings. The positive effects on human factors, such as heightened productivity and enhanced workspace satisfaction, often outweigh the monetary benefits derived from energy conservation. Furthermore, the boosted productivity and well-being of your team contribute to heightened efficiency and creativity, ultimately propelling the success of your business.

It’s not just about saving on the electric bill, it’s about maximizing your human capital for increased profitability.

Businesses spend more than 85% of workplace expenses on salaries and associated benefits. Considering the magnitude of this expense, business owners can only benefit from investing in workers who are healthier, happier, and more productive on the job. According to multiple scientific studies, bringing natural daylight into the office accomplishes that goal beautifully.

Consider a medium-sized office of 50 employees, each with an average annual cost of $100,000, including benefits, resulting in a total payroll of $5,000,000. The annual electric lighting expenses amount to $10,000.

Now, add daylighting to your office and observe the cost savings breakdown:

  • Impact of 50% reduction in lighting costs: $5,000
  • Impact of 2% improvement in productivity: $100,000
  • Impact of 1% reduction in turnover: $50,000

Tailored Daylighting Solutions for Your Office

Creating a workspace that fosters productivity, well-being, and environmental responsibility is paramount. The strategic integration of natural light through tailored daylighting solutions is a cornerstone of achieving these goals. Daylight Specialists understands that every office space is unique, with its own set of architectural nuances and operational requirements. That’s why we offer a range of customized daylighting solutions designed to harmonize seamlessly with your office’s specific needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance employee well-being, reduce energy costs, or create a more inviting and vibrant workspace, our team of experts is dedicated to crafting a daylighting solution that aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.

Here are some real workplace situations that benefited:

  • A client was consolidating workspaces and some employees that previously had access to perimeter daylight were moved to an interior space.  The addition of an abundant supply of top-down daylight helped soothe the relocation.  
  • A customer found it difficult to hire and retain highly-skilled (and expensive) diesel mechanics decided to improve their workspace by brightening it with top-down daylight.
  • A local city understood that its police officers were challenged with the impact of shift work.   Their solution: fill the offices with daylight by using Solatubes

Daylight Improves Health

In addition to productivity increases, exposure to daylight supports the health and overall wellbeing of workers by providing a boost to the immune system, reducing stress, and increasing the overall sense of calm and positive mood. A happier and healthier employee is less likely to become ill and suffer from “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) – a term coined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. People with SBS show symptoms of illness and discomfort that increase when workers are in the building and decrease when they leave.

The World Health Organization concluded that as many as 30% of buildings across the globe may have factors that contribute to SBS. By reducing SBS and increasing productivity, U.S. businesses can save up to 30 billion annually. This is no small upside for business owners, and installing green technologies – such as daylighting – also results in reduced energy expenses.

Investing in your people is an investment in your business, and your employees are likely to take notice. Fostering a workplace that cares about its workers increases retention and employee satisfaction.

Comprehensive Consultation

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and goals. We work closely with architects, designers, and facility managers to develop a customized daylighting plan that seamlessly integrates with your office’s layout and design.

During this collaborative phase, we delve into the operational requirements of your office space. This comprehensive understanding serves as the foundation for crafting a bespoke daylighting solution that not only complements your workspace but also enhances its functionality. Our team’s expertise, coupled with advanced daylighting technologies, ensures that the final solution is not only visually harmonious but also optimally aligned with your objectives.

Tubular Daylight Devices (TDDs)

Tubular daylighting devices are designed to capture and distribute natural light efficiently. With a range of sizes and configurations, we have the perfect solution for any office space. Whether you have expansive open areas or more confined workstations, our TDDs ensure that every corner is bathed in beautiful, natural light.

Skylights for Office Spaces

Skylights are a transformative addition to office spaces, introducing an abundance of natural light and creating a more uplifting and inviting environment. They serve as architectural focal points, infusing interiors with a sense of spaciousness and connection to the outdoors. Skylights also contribute to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. With modern technologies, they can be equipped with smart controls to regulate light levels and ensure optimal comfort. Daylight Specialists’ expert skylight installation ensures seamless integration and maximum impact.

Smart Controls and Automation

Our daylighting solutions are designed with the modern office in mind. Smart controls and automation allow for precise management of light levels, ensuring optimal comfort for your team. Sensors adjust lighting based on occupancy and ambient light, providing an effortless and efficient experience.

Overcoming Common Challenges

In the pursuit of integrating natural daylighting solutions into business and office spaces, it’s not uncommon for questions and concerns to arise. These considerations are vital in making informed decisions that align with your vision and objectives. At Daylight Specialists, we understand the importance of addressing these concerns and providing expert guidance. Whether it’s about cost, design implications, or specific technicalities, we’re here to provide clarity and offer tailored solutions.

Glare and Overheating

Improperly managed natural light can lead to issues like glare and overheating. Our advanced daylighting solutions can be controlled with adjustable shading devices and smart sensors, allowing for precise control over light levels. This ensures a comfortable and productive work environment, even on the brightest days.

Space Constraints

We understand that every office layout is unique. Our versatile range of daylighting product solutions  can be strategically installed, even in confined spaces, maximizing the distribution of natural light. We work closely with your design team to find the perfect placement for maximum impact.

Regulatory Compliance and Certifications

One common goal for office spaces is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This process involves a comprehensive assessment of a structure’s sustainability and environmental performance. Daylighting plays a significant role in LEED certification by contributing to energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours, which aligns with LEED’s goals for optimizing energy performance. Moreover, TDDs enhance indoor environmental quality through the provision of high-quality natural light, positively impacting factors like visual and thermal comfort. This can earn credits in the Indoor Environmental Quality category. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials, a project can attain different levels of LEED certification, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible construction practices.

Partner with Daylight Specialists for Success

Elevate your workspace with Daylight Specialists. Our team of experts is committed to creating an office environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and well-being. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, more successful future for your business.

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Businesses and offices with natural daylighting have happier, healthier, more productive workers. This has been scientifically proven. As a result, the demand for green buildings is skyrocketing, along with rent and real estate values for these structures. If you want to learn more about how beautiful, affordable daylighting can improve your workspace and increase your bottom line, call Daylight Specialists today for a consultation on site or at our showroom.

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