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Why Commercial Developers Choose Natural Daylight

Commercial developers can benefit greatly from installing daylighting in new build and retrofit projects alike. Investors, architects, and business owners are rapidly becoming more knowledgeable about the social, financial, and environmental benefits of green building technologies, with daylighting at the forefront. Buildings with daylighting attract higher-paying tenants and higher sales prices and boast lower vacancy rates. Furthermore, daylighting improves worker productivity, student performance, and the overall customer experience.

Daylighting can also help your projects with LEED certification and other green initiatives. Whether you are looking to meet official standards or work more generally towards sustainability, we can help you meet your objectives.

How We Help Commercial Developers

Some of the many benefits of building or retrofitting a building with daylighting include:


  • Lower design and construction costs
  • Higher sales price
  • Increased market value
  • Increased ROI
  • Reduction in vacancies
  • Slower depreciation
  • Corporate image

Green Building Technologies Increase Property Values

Although daylighting is only one aspect of green building, it is arguably one of the most impactful. In addition to reducing carbon footprint and electricity costs, it improves health and wellness, and enhances the overall experience for anyone working, living, studying, or shopping in the space. It also significantly increases property values.

According to a study conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction, the value for new development with green technologies increases by 10.9 percent, and 6.8 percent for retrofit projects. And rental rates are following the same trend. A U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) study of the San Diego commercial rental market found that the vacancy rate for green buildings is 4 percent lower, and LEED-certified buildings demand the highest rental rates.

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If you want to learn how daylighting can benefit your business, the experts at Daylight Specialists can help. LEED certified buildings save money, are good for the environment, and create healthier, happier spaces for everyone. Our daylighting specialists provide consultations, design, installation, and project management. Contact our team today to learn how you can benefit from the brilliance of daylighting.

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