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Daylight Specialists is an authorized distributor and installer of Solatube®, VELUX®, and AES Sunoptics® products, bringing our clients the breadth of daylighting products and accessories they need to achieve their project objectives.

At Daylight Specialists, we are not only authorized dealers and distributors of these daylighting systems, but we are also enthusiastic partners to these manufacturers and know their product lines inside out. We carefully select manufacturers that we want to work with based on their offerings, and we closely examine each system and its effectiveness, cost efficiency, and quality before endorsing it. We trust and believe in our partners and stay up to date on their newest technologies and daylighting innovations, so that we can be ready to provide you with the best daylighting solutions possible.

While we offer turnkey daylighting services, we understand that some clients will find us well into the design stage and know exactly what products they are looking for. In such cases, our team at Daylight Specialists is happy to assist with product purchases.

However, just because you are buying products from Daylight Specialists and installing them yourself, your experience shouldn’t be limited to a simple purchase transaction. We provide full-service product sales, including:

  • Estimates
  • Post-install support and maintenance
  • Submittals
  • Bidding
  • Shipping and delivery

Contact Daylight Specialists today to see how we can support your goals and help get your project done faster.

Project Gallery

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