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Working in manufacturing and warehousing typically means working with little to no natural light. Even if windows could provide the same quality light as a daylighting system, workspaces in warehouses are often designed without any windows.

Although fluorescent lighting ensures that workers can see as they operate heavy machinery and work with dangerous tools and chemicals, it does not provide the same clarity and scope of vision as natural light.

Benefits of Natural Daylighting

The illumination, mood, productivity, and health benefits provided by adequate exposure to natural daylight cannot be overstated. The installation of daylighting in manufacturing and warehousing spaces can result in:


  • More productive workplaces
  • Fewer employee absences
  • Improved visibility due to better light quality and illumination levels

Benefits of Daylighting in Manufacturing + Warehousing Spaces

The psychological and health benefits of using daylighting in manufacturing and warehousing spaces are dramatic. It is well documented that daylight deprivation can lead to Vitamin D deficiency, sleep problems, obesity, and may even contribute to cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Furthermore, considering that our circadian system is directly impacted by exposure to light, and that an imbalance in this circadian system adversely affects our mood, energy, and overall health, the installation of daylighting in warehouses provides immense benefits to workers and employers alike. Installing daylighting can increase worker productivity and reduce absenteeism, resulting in increased profit margins, great employee retention, and worker safety.

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At Daylight Specialists, our designers and factory-trained installers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We can design a daylighting solution around your goals and budget to bring brilliant, natural daylight to your workplace. In addition to health and productivity benefits, daylighting reduces electricity costs and is environmentally sustainable. Contact Daylight Specialists today to learn more.

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