This Room is Lit with Daylight!

Welcome to Tubular Daylighting

The room you’re in has been fitted with Solatubes, a tubular daylighting device that delivers brilliant, glare, and UV-free daylight, replacing or supplementing the need for artificial light.  


There are dozens of benefits of daylight exposure, such as:   

  • Helps us regulate our sleep cycles, appetite, digestion, and body temperature. 
  • Reduces the risk of sickness and disease like diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease. 
  • Improves mood, concentration, and productivity. 
  • Improves the process of learning and forming new memories. 
  • Reduces eye strain and has been shown to reduce the risk of myopia in children (nearsightedness). 
  • Has consistently been correlated with higher test scores and learning performance. 

 You’ll also find your plants can thrive in a room lit with daylight, as Solatube’s deliver all the healthy benefits of daylight without any of the harmful UV rays or excessive heat!


There may or may not be control devices on your Solatubes, like a daylight dimmer. Dimming your Solatube gives you more control over your environment.  

 When should you use the dimmer?  

  • TOO BRIGHT – While Solatubes diffuse and disperse daylight evenly across a room, you may find some days are just a little too sunny! Dimming daylight can help reduce glare on white boards or computer screens and create a more comfortable and productive learning environment. 
  • IMPROVE CONCENTRATION – On partly cloudy days, fluctuating levels of light can be distracting and reduce concentration. Dim your Solatubes for more consistent lighting levels and help students focus better. 
  • ACCOMMODATE DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES— Adjust the lighting to accommodate different activities such as reading, art, or physical activities. 
  • CREATE A CALM ENVIRONMENT– Dimmed daylight can help create a calm and relaxing environment that is particularly helpful for quiet or nap time for younger students. 
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