There’s Proof: Daylight Increases Sales

As a retail business owner, we know your customers’ shopping experience can make or break a sale. But did you know that the introduction of daylight in your retail space can have a huge impact on how long your customers shop and how much they purchase?  

A study conducted by the Heschong Mahone Group for PG&E compared several chain retail stores in various locations to measure the impact of daylight on the shopping experience. The results? Stores with natural daylighting saw an average of 40% increase in sales—up to 49% in some stores. That’s right – the introduction of daylight alone nearly DOUBLED their sales numbers.  

The study controlled for variables that might indicate bias – such as a store being located on a busier or more upscale side of town, or offering a better selection of products. Not only were those factors controlled, the study found that shoppers began going out of their way to shop at daylit stores – even if it meant it was farther from their home or work; and the shoppers were spending more time perusing the stores.  

Simply put: people seek out, shop longer, and buy more in stores lit with daylight. So what is the science behind all of this?  

Why Do Customers Love Daylight?

There are several studies that show exposure natural lighting enhances mood, regulates our sleep cycles, body temperature, and hormone production, increases happiness, and even promotes faster healing. Now we are starting to see what effect daylight has on the customer, too. 

When it comes to the retail environment, we understand the impact daylight has on the customer because of something called the Color Rendering Index, or CRI. In short, CRI is a measurement that describes how well a light source can display any given color. We’ve all seen the difference light quality makes on an item in the store: items on the shelves are crisp, sharp, and natural looking, and display the truest color vibrancy. We see details better under natural light, too. Your customers may not be all that aware of it, but the more details they can see in the products they’re browsing, the more likely they are to make a purchase. 

If increased product visibility isn’t enough, consider another benefit of daylight: customers who shop in daylight stores (and who are unaware of this distinction!) self-report being more relaxed throughout their shopping experience, and perceive the stores they are shopping in as cleaner and airier than artificially lit stores.   

In the retail environment, we know how important it is for shoppers to enjoy their environment, and how the shopping environment directly correlates to sales. That’s why more retail stores like Lunds & Byerly’s, Jaxen Grey, and Trail Mark are all switching to daylight technology.  

How Can You Bring Daylight to Your Retail Space?

Switching your retail location to daylight could be one of the easiest ways you increase your bottom line—and the great news is that Daylight Specialists will handle all the details for you. We provide professional and quality installations so you and your customers can enjoy the beautiful benefits of daylight.  

Daylighting devices are affordable, fast and easy to install, and provide glare-free, heat-reduced daylight to interior spaces.  

As highly experienced distributors of Solatube and Sunoptics, we’ll make your path to increased sales simple and stress-free. Go ahead and have a look at the most recent lighting retrofits we completed our in two Edina galleria stores. Or, explore our full range of Solatube products and contact us today for a free consultation.