Designer Specialty Products, LLC is now Daylight Specialists

Designer Specialty Products, LLC is pleased to announce that we have changed our name to better reflect who we are as a company: Daylight Specialists.

A rebrand is a chance for a company to announce a change formally, and often it’s more than just a new name or logo. That’s what Daylight Specialists’ President, Jeff May, had in mind as he envisioned this change for his company.

Changing With The Times

Since Covid-19, many businesses have had to change their approach to how to reach their client base. For the design and construction industry, the means by which clients go to market and obtain information has changed drastically as more architects, developers, and design professionals are continuing to work remotely.

In prioritizing his goals for the company, May wanted to find a way to continue to reach his customers and adapt alongside them, while demonstrating that Daylight Specialists is a valuable resource for commercial daylighting in the Midwest.

Daylight Specialists has moved from being a single product distributor focused in Minnesota to a full-service daylighting expert serving the entire Midwest. A rebrand was the perfect opportunity for May and his team to optimize and promote all the elements of the business.

“I wanted to fundamentally change how we presented our business to the market, and how we interact with and support our customers,” says May. “This is much more than just a name change to us.”

Updated Website

Daylight Specialists’ client base, service area, and product offerings have all expanded, and one of the easiest and most obvious ways to display those changes to the public was through the company website. The site received a complete overhaul, and now details Daylight Specialists’ clients and markets, daylighting product line, every aspect of available services, and robust information on the many benefits of daylight.

“The website has made it easier for our clients to find us, and it shows them they can really look to Daylight Specialists as the premier resource for all things daylighting.” Says May.

Reaching New Clients

Jeff and his team hope that the rebrand will help them reach new clients and markets, too. Smaller healthcare facilities such as dental and orthodontic clinics, physical therapy offices, mental health centers, and even smaller-scale medical centers like urgent care clinics are all great candidates for daylighting.

“We have always done a good job of visiting and staying connected to outstate markets. We hope that some of these changes will help us do an even better job of that, ” May adds.

While many changes are on the horizon for Daylight Specialists, what has remained consistent throughout the company’s history is their dedication to being a turnkey partner to their clients. Their team of experts has always serviced customers throughout the entire project, from front-end design to product installation and close-out, and provided a breadth of product offerings and knowledge to meet the daylighting needs of any project.

Contact Daylight Specialists today for a free, no-obligation daylight consultation, or to learn how we can help your team receive AIA credits with one of our many AIA-approved presentations.